Kowalsky Analysis


What does Kowalsky Analysis mean?

Kowalsky Analysis is a popular meme from the 2005 kid’s movie, Madagascar, featuring the leader of the militaristic penguin group; Skipper with a raised eyebrow and the phrase in title.

It became a popular meme for situations or ideas that are difficult to decipher, as well as a reaction image for contradictory sentences.

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What's the origin of Kowalsky Analysis?

Kowalsky was embedded into our database in 2005, when the film had initially aired.

We needed thirteen years, however, to turn him into one of the meme gods of the 2010’s.

The first meme, featuring Skipper and the phrase was created in October of 2018 and uploaded to the web by Reddit user Diamorphine330ml.

It quickly gained ground and memes featuring the penguin had taken over the internet.

Spread & Usage

How did Kowalsky Analysis spread?

Kowalsky Analysis didn’t need a lot of time at all to spread; by the 23rd of October, 2018 several variations and interpretations had been uploaded to the /r/dankmemes thread of Reddit.

This had led to the meme spreading rapidly on all meme platforms; meme groups and sites on Facebook and Instagram were also absolutely swarmed by the Kowalsky memes.

Within a few days, those who didn’t know who Kowalsky was before, were surely well informed and versed in the analytical capabilities of the popular, militaristic bird genius.

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