What does Kronk mean?

Kronk refers to the secondary antagonist from the Emperor’s New Groove, and the titular protagonist of the sequel; Kronk’s New Groove, voiced by Patrick Warburton.

“Kronk” is displayed as slow, but with a good heart, which, combined with his humorous persona led many to thinking of the character fondly.

Very Good Kronk! [OC]


What's the origin of Kronk?

“Kronk” first appeared in the 2000 Disney animation, The Emperor’s New Groove, which premiered in the United States on December 15th.

His persona was then promoted to the post of protagonist in the 2005 sequel, Kronk’s New Groove, which was ultimately not as popular as its predecessor.

The character remained popular in the later years of the 2000’s, as numerous clips featuring his endeavors were uploaded to YouTube since 2007.

Spread & Usage

How did Kronk spread?

The first meme centered around the character of “Kronk” was the YouTube trend of Pull the Lever, Kronk!

Over the years, many popular image macros, GIFs and YouTube memes emerged, featuring “Kronk”.

These include No, no. He has a Point, as well as Oh Yeah, It’s All Coming Together.

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