Lamb sauce


What does Lamb sauce mean?

The phrase Lamb sauce is a Gordon Ramsay “shitpost” style image that has spawned countless image macros and memes, referring to a 2006 Hells Kitchen episode.

In the episode, chef Gordon Ramsay scolds a kitchen full of chefs because when it comes to serving, he can’t find the lamb sauce, so he demands to know where it is, as he quickly starts to lose his temper and turn to repeatedly shouting the popular phrase: “where’s the lamb sauce?”.

MRW I can’t find the lamb  sauce


What's the origin of Lamb sauce?

The original episode of the cooking reality show Hells Kitchen aired in 2006, which has made it way on the internet in the form of a YouTube video.

This has spawned countless .gif images and memes created from the moment where chef Gordon Ramsey loses his temper, when looking for the lamb sauce.

Spread & Usage

How did Lamb sauce spread?

The popularity of the phrase has gained a huge boost in late-2016, when a user has uploaded a compilation video to the video sharing site YouTube in the form of a “poop video”, where lots of funny content is put together, with no context.

This has prompted users to take the clip from the video and countless reaction images were uploaded to message board sites like Reddit and and image sharing sites like 9gag.

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