LEGO Piece 32557


What does LEGO Piece 32557 mean?

LEGO Piece 32557 refers to a specific LEGO piece, that has been the subject of several memes online, warning people not to Search Google for it.

The piece, due to its highly phallic construction served as the inspiration for countless image macro memes, and exploitables, that emerged mostly on Reddit, as well as Twitter, and TikTok.

LEGO Piece 32557


What's the origin of LEGO Piece 32557?

Jokes about LEGO pieces began spreading on Reddit in March 2021, when memes about LEGO Piece 26047 began circulating, due to it looking Sus, resembling an Among Us” crewmate.

The first post about “LEGO Piece 32557” was also shared on Reddit in March 2021, although it was just a plain text, calling out the piece.

Image macros started emerging two weeks later, when Reddit user u/Evil_Toilet_Demon shared a meme on the r/OkBuddyRetard sub, consisting of a Your Mom joke.

Spread & Usage

How did LEGO Piece 32557 spread?

March 2021 saw the appearance of several other “LEGO Piece 32557” memes emerging on various subreddits, including r/memes and r/196.

However, the meme started becoming viral in October 2021, when image macros started flooding the r/OkBuddyRetard sub, warning users not to search for “LEGO Piece 32557.”


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