Liberals Want Spiders To Be Even Sexier


What does Liberals Want Spiders To Be Even Sexier mean?

Liberals want spiders to be even sexier refers to a screenshot taken of an actual Fox News broadcast episode, where news reporter Sean Hannity allegedly uttered the sentence  “liberals want spiders to be even sexier” as part of a report.

The screenshot quickly started making rounds on the internet, eventually creating a series of memes on the topic.

Later the myth around the screengrab got debunked. It was revealed that Sean Hannity never said the sentence, it was just a photo-edit, but the political left still uses the image to mock right-side believers.


What's the origin of Liberals Want Spiders To Be Even Sexier?

The original image was posted on Twitter on December 24, 2018 by user SamSkyesSwears, who captioned the post with the following: “It’s true”.

The tweet has generated 404 retweets and 2224 likes to date.

Spread & Usage

How did Liberals Want Spiders To Be Even Sexier spread?

After the original Twitter post was making rounds on the site, the doctored screenshot eventually surfaced on Tumblr as well.

After the meme’s short decline in popularity, various Facebook meme pages started to post the screenshot yet again, for example the pages Bi The Way and Thursday Night’s Alright For Voting.

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