Light Skin Dog


What does Light Skin Dog mean?

Light skin dog refers to an image macro series, depicting dogs, squinting their eyes and tilting their heads in the camera.

The meme is parodying “light skin” black people, who are associated with a stereotype that they strike a specific pose for every photo; specifically, they squint their eyes and tilt their heads.


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What's the origin of Light Skin Dog?

The meme started spreading in April 2020, with various photos of dogs appearing on sites like Twitter or iFunny.

The trend would grow, as people would upload photos of their pets where the canines are striking a pose, resembling a “light skin dog”.

Spread & Usage

How did Light Skin Dog spread?

While the format would spread online, making appearances of Reddit, Twitter, TikTok as well as other humor sites, its audience remained mostly American, with a tiny search trend in Canada and Great Britain as well.

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