Look At This Dude


What does Look At This Dude mean?

Look at this dude refers to a popular video remix format, using the audio footage of a man saying the phrase and proceeding to laugh frantically, while a slideshow of similar looking characters is presented.

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What's the origin of Look At This Dude?

“Look at this dude” started appearing following a Twitter post of @Xx__Eric_xX featuring a video mocking a man, with the iconic audio footage.

While this video was removed from the social media site, many similar videos were uploaded to Twitter as well as YouTube in August 2015, depicting the trolling of many Dudebros.

Spread & Usage

How did Look At This Dude spread?

In the winter of 2015, the “Look at this dude” format spread fast, appearing on Reddit and Facebook.

However, it went truly viral in the spring of 2016, as YouTube parodies, containing the audio would swarm the web.

The trend continued to be viral until 2019, when finally, the “Look at this dude” meme started settling down, with fewer and fewer videos appearing online.

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