Look At This Graph


What does Look At This Graph mean?

Look at this graph is a popular vine that refers to the American alt-rock band Nickelback’s song titled Photograph.

The short video featured an altered version of the song’s video clip.

In the vine, the original photograph got replaced by an actual graph, and even the audio was edited in a way that the viewer hears it as if the lyrics would go “look at this graph”, instead of the original “look at this photograph”.


What's the origin of Look At This Graph?

In 2005, “Photograph” got released as part of Nickelback’s album called All the Right Reasons. A music video for the song was also released in that year, which laid down the foundations to the vine.

The original vine, titled “Look at this graph”, was posted in 2015, and the clip was also uploaded to YouTube in the same year by a user named Lemon, yet again with an identical title.

Spread & Usage

How did Look At This Graph spread?

On Vine, the meme saw a great spread, and went viral in 2015, but it declined in popularity after the site was taken down in 2016.

However, look at this graph survived on YouTube, thanks to many people re-uploading it throughout the following years.

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