Look How They Massacred My Boy


What does Look How They Massacred My Boy mean?

Look how they massacred my boy is a famous quote from The Godfather.

Online it was popularized as an image macro meme used to give voice to mourning.


What's the origin of Look How They Massacred My Boy?

The Godfather premiered in the United States on March 14th, 1972.

One of the scenes involved Vito Corleone (portrayed by Marlon Brando) grieving over his son Sonny (played by James Caan) with the words “Look how they massacred my boy”.

The scene first appeared as a GIF on Giphy in 2017.

Spread & Usage

How did Look How They Massacred My Boy spread?

In November, 2017, a meme contest was launched on Steemit, encouraging users to use the scene as a template, however none of those memes included the original line.

“Look how they massacred my boy” started becoming a meme phenomenon in February, 2018, as captioned edits of the shot, featuring subtitles were posted on the r/dankmemes sub.

It quickly spread on to other subreddits such as r/PrequelMemes, r/Animemes and r/HistoryMemes.

By 2019, “Look how they massacred my boy” became a widely recognized meme, appearing on various social media sites, including 9GAG, Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram.

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