Lord Forgive Me


What does Lord Forgive Me mean?

Lord forgive me is a catchphrase that can be associated with a series of edgy, satire memes that feature well-recognizable cartoon characters who appear to be expressing violent intentions.

These images often bear the aesthetics of deep fried memes and convey sarcastic connotations.


What's the origin of Lord Forgive Me?

The first memes of this sort started to appear on Facebook meme groups during 2015, however, we don’t have solid information on who was the original creator of the template.

In November 2015, an image that featured a desperate-looking Bugs Bunny holding a handgun was submitted on Reddit in the thead /r/terriblefacebookmemes. The picture was captioned as the following: “Lord forgive me but it’s time to go back to tha old me”.

Spread & Usage

How did Lord Forgive Me spread?

The catchphrase was used to create many memes on Reddit and was brought in relation with cartoons such as Family Guy or Spongebob Squarepants, and also with series like Breaking Bad.

An entry was posted on Urban Dictionary on the topic of “Lord forgive me for what im about to do” in 2019.

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