Male Version of Karen


What does Male Version of Karen mean?

People have been wondering what the male version of Karen is called ever since the Karen meme caught on back in the mid-2010’s.

Numerous nominations have been proposed online, with the most popular being Ken, due to it sounding similar to Karen.

Since the topic’s upheaval in the summer of 2020, the “male version of Karen” has been the subject of articles, discussions and memes online.

The stereotypical behavior of a Karen and the “male version of Karen” usually includes calling authorities to aid them, especially when there is an ethnic minority involved in the story.


What's the origin of Male Version of Karen?

The trope of “male version of Karen” started widely emerging during the summer of 2020, after a woman and a man called the police on Khoa Lam, for acting suspicious.

Not long after, in July, 2020, photos of a St. Louis couple went viral online, as they were holding guns to protect themselves from protesters.

The couple was quickly dubbed Karen and Ken, describing the man as the “male version of Karen”.

Spread & Usage

How did Male Version of Karen spread?

Soon after the publishing of the stories on numerous news sites, memes started surfacing about the “male version of Karen”.

Many of these image macros were aiming to find the iconic haircut of Ken, similar to the inverted bob haircut, associated with Karens.

Other memes were photoshop edits of the aforementioned Ken, defending himself with an assault rifle in various contexts, such as a Grand Theft Auto: Vice City cover.

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