Meme Man


What does Meme Man mean?

Meme Man (also known as Mr. Succ or Stonks guy) is a purposeful wrongly rendered 3D image of a male head.

The head serves as the foundation of many surreal edits and dank memes in online humor.

The most iconic usage of Meme Man perhaps is the stonks meme, in which the head is photoshopped to the body of a businessman, standing in front of a graph chart.

Meme man, the man, the journalist


What's the origin of Meme Man?

Meme Man was created under the 4chan board 3DCG in a thread where users posted their intentionally bad 3D renders of humans.

The bald head was then popularized by the Facebook meme page Special meme fresh in 2014, when the page set its profile picture to Meme Man, which then acted as the mascot of the page.

Spread & Usage

How did Meme Man spread?

The profile picture of Special meme fresh generated over 500 likes after it was posted.

After that, it served as the template of many memes on the page and became a trend among meme creators.

In a few years, Meme Man started to appear in various Reddit threads.

For example, a version was posted in the /r/Braveryjerk Reddit board, joking about a controversial statement of the UK Independence Party.

Eventually Meme Man started to frequently appear on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram, and was also featured in various other platforms such as Urban Dictionary.

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