Mini Keanu Reeves


What does Mini Keanu Reeves mean?

Mini Keanu Reeves, otherwise known as Short Keanu Reeves or Midget Keanu Reeves, or the politically correct Tiny Person Keanu Reeves is an online exploitable image of the actor, playing the protagonist in the Matrix series.

The picture is distorted, making the adored celebrity appear extremely short, for comic effect.

It is considered as blursed image, cursed and blessed at the same time.

Mini Keanu Reeves – If You Don’t Know What to Do


What's the origin of Mini Keanu Reeves?

The life of the meme began in June, 2019, at the E3 2019 Xbox conference, where the actor was introducing CD Project Red’s hyped up flop, Cyberpunk 2077.

The image of Keanu Reeves’ stance at the opening of the ceremony was posted on Twitter the same day.

That picture was distorted within hours, creating the iconic “Mini Keanu Reeves” meme.

Spread & Usage

How did Mini Keanu Reeves spread?

The image was well received by the internet, and was promptly reposted on social media sites, like Reddit, 4chan, as well as Twitter.

Needless to say, popular YouTubers also exploited “Mini Keanu Reeves” as a thumbnail, attracting clicks on their videos, while spreading the meme themselves.

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