Mommy GF


What does Mommy GF mean?

Mommy GF is a running internet gag, that is revolving around a maternal figure, who is presented as an ideal girlfriend material.

It is important, that there are no blood ties between a “mommy GF” and her partner, she is just acting as a dominant participant in the relationship, caring and loving her “little boy” with all her double D sized heart.

The joke itself had outgrown itself from being mentioned in a few shitposts, to depicting an ideal female, with concrete personal and physical characteristics, such as her big breasts.


What's the origin of Mommy GF?

The first post, describing a cute girlfriend with similar characteristics as a “mommy GF” was uploaded to 4chan in the beginning of 2013.

The post moved the users of the message board, and various posts revolving around the theme were started to be uploaded.

With time, some unknown individual gave a descriptive name to this female; “mommy GF.”

Spread & Usage

How did Mommy GF spread?

In 2015, a thread was created in the /r9k/ board of 4chan, where users could express and share their feelings and desires, related to the big breasted mommy girlfriend.

Following this, during the second half of the 2010’s, “mommy GF” posts had spread onto all kinds of social media and meme platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and iFunny.

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