Netflix Adaptation


What does Netflix Adaptation mean?

Netflix adaptation refers to a series of popular image macro memes, comparing anime series and their “Netflix adaptations”, depicting the latter as just a cheap knockoff.

These image macros usually involve photos of cheap cosplays of popular anime and manga characters.


What's the origin of Netflix Adaptation?

The first image macro, containing a reference to the highly imperfect “Netflix adaptation” of many-a series comes from a Spanish version of the meme, uploaded to Reddit’s r/Animemes sub by u/localConurbano on September 17th, 2018.

The format gained traction rapidly, sticking with English language users.

Spread & Usage

How did Netflix Adaptation spread?

In the following few days, numerous users uploaded English language versions of the “Netflix adaptation” meme to the r/Animemes as well as the r/dankmemes subreddits, depicting badly executed cosplays.

The “Netflix adaptation” meme grew rapidly on the web, becoming iconic and frequently encountered on sites ranging from Reddit, to 9GAG, Twitter and Facebook.

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