Netflix: Are You Still Watching?


What does Netflix: Are You Still Watching? mean?

Netflix: Are You Still Watching? is a popular online trend derived from the Netflix and Chill meme, referencing the question the streaming site poses if one is idle for too long.

The question is usually paired with reaction images or videos filled with sexual allusions, combined with the caption “Someone’s Daughter:”.

Online, the catchphrase can be encountered on iamge macros, GIFs, as well as YouTube videos, joking on the fact that Netflix and Chill is synonymous with real life Pr0n.

Netflix: Are you still watching??


What's the origin of Netflix: Are You Still Watching??

Netflix and Chill meme started emerging online in late 2014, predominantly on Twitter posts, appearin on image macros and reaction GIFs.

The great success of this meme led to the creation of the “Netflix: Are You Still Watching?” format, that started emerging in tweets in late 2016.

An early compilation of the joke was published by in February, 2017, enabling the trend to spread further across the web, appearing on several other sites.

Spread & Usage

How did Netflix: Are You Still Watching? spread?

The online trend started taking over the web in 2018, when various image macros and TikTok clips would become a more popular sight online.

The “Netflix: Are You Still Watching?” meme would be frequently seen on sites like Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter as well as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, often taking sexualized scenes and snippets from movies, as well as cartoons, referencing the deeds of “Somebody’s Daughter.”

Although the meme was highly popular in 2017 and 2018, it eventually started dying down, being overshadowed by other pop culture trends.

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