No Fear One Fear


What does No Fear One Fear mean?

No fear one fear, also known as Teen Comix is an exploitable comic, in which a cool-looking person is walking, wearing a shirt that reads “no fear”.

In the second panel of the comic, he passes someone with a comical question, after which we see the guy wearing a “one fear” t-shirt.


What's the origin of No Fear One Fear?

The original comic was uploaded to Escape From Heaven by Branson Lee on Tumblr.

The comic strip was titled Teen Comix, and despite spreading far as an exploitable, it received a small amount of notes as an original post.

Spread & Usage

How did No Fear One Fear spread?

One year after posting the original comic to Tumblr, the artist tweeted it, which garnered a large amount of responses and reactions.

After the tweet, the format spread onto Imgur and later Reddit as well as various other sites.

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