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What does No This Is Patrick mean?

No, This Is Patrick is an iconic phrase that originated from the popular cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants. It is uttered by the character Patrick Star with an increasing passion, responding to people calling the Krusty Krab, asking if they called the restaurant.

The phrase quickly caught on with fans of the show and subsequently went viral, becoming a popular internet meme. It has been used in many image macros, YouTube parodies and reaction GIFs.

“No, This is Patrick” had become a staple meme from SpongeBob, displaying the utter stupidity of Patrick.

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What's the origin of No This Is Patrick?

“No, this is Patrick” originates from a SpongeBob SquarePants, scene, seen in Season 2, Episode 23. In the scene, we can see Patrick struggling to complete his work duties, as he is just starting in his new job at the Krusty Krab.

His tasks include handling costumer phone calls, but every time a caller opens the call with the line “Is this the Krusty Krab?”, Patrick each time deflects with “No, this is Patrick”. This reference has become popular as a meme, and is often used as a way to dismiss someone or something.

The episode first aired on November 16th, 2000, under the title “Big Pink Loser”, however it started to be endorsed as a meme only in November 2006, following a screenshot being spammed in a discussion on the /b/ board of 4chan.

Spread & Usage

How did No This Is Patrick spread?

The “No, this is Patrick” meme was spread further in 2007, after a video was uploaded by user ItamiBokuto on YouTube that merged the famous This is Sparta scene from the movie 300 with “No this is Patrick”. The clip emulated a rather simplistic dispute between Leonidas and Patrick.

This mashup made “No this is Patrick” viral as it has gained over 4 million views over the years.

The meme was used well into the 2010s, appearing on reaction images, GIFs, as well as a large amount of YouTube remixes and parodies. “No, this is Patrick” remains a widely popular meme still referenced today by YouTubers, TikTok videos and memes online.

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