Noah Get The Boat


What does Noah Get The Boat mean?

Noah, get the boat is a catchphrase that generally quoted in situations where something so disturbing or stupid happens that the viewer loses all faith in humanity.

This, of course, is in relation with the biblical anecdotes of Noah, who is a key figure upon the events of God unleashing a devastating flood to the world.

Online, the catchphrase is used as a reaction image and an image macro meme template that has a medieval illustration of God with a lens flare effect on his eyes.


What's the origin of Noah Get The Boat?

The first occurrences of Noah get the boat lead back to Redditโ€™s /r/Memes.

In the thread, initially the catchphrase was used to title different memes, but eventually it has become a meme of its own.

Spread & Usage

How did Noah Get The Boat spread?

The meme gained popularity on Reddit during the year 2020.

Eventually, there were a few occasions of the format appearing on other sites as well, such as Imgflip, Twitter and Pinterest.

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