What does Nobody mean?

Nobody, No one and Literally nobody refers to a popular phrasal template found in memes, mocking people who share random information about themselves without anyone’s inquiry.

While it was initially used in tweets, it later spread on to image macro formats, pairing photos and images with the captions.



What's the origin of Nobody?

The “nobody” template started emerging on Twitter in September, 2018, with one of the earliest viral tweets using the format criticizing the behavior of a woman who lacks personality.

In the following months, the format would spawn a large amount of posts on the social media site.

Spread & Usage

How did Nobody spread?

In late 2018, the format would spawn a subgenre, focused on parodying the Harry Potter lore editions of J.K. Rowling for which her platform of choice is Twitter.

Starting in 2019, the “nobody” template would also emerge on TikTok, with several viral examples for the trends.

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