What does Nuggies mean?

Nuggies (also known as chicky nuggies or chicken nuggies) is a slang word that stems from the idea of imagining how babies would pronounce “chicken nuggets”.

The slang has become the topic of various meme formats on the internet over the years.


What's the origin of Nuggies?

The term has been part of informal lingo since before the internet. This type of interpretation of wording has been commonly known as “babytalk”.

Online, the trend of using nuggies as a meme sparked out when a blog called HotDamnTV tried to mock movie producer Michael Moore by trying to frame him as a childish person who prioritizes nuggies.

Spread & Usage

How did Nuggies spread?

The meme started to gain popularity on Reddit in r/memes in 2017.

In 2018, an article about nuggies was added to Urban Dictionary.

In 2019, a dubbed parody of a cooking equipment commercial was uploaded to YouTube, which featured chicky nuggies as part of a punchline.

In the same year, a sketchy low-end animation was also uploaded and was titled “need chickie nuggies”.

At the end of 2019 the term has become tightly associated with the fictional character Baby Yoda, who is commonly framed as a great enjoyer of chicky nuggies.

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