Nut Button


What does Nut Button mean?

The nut button meme refers to a picture of a hand slapping on to a blue button, that has “nut” photoshopped on it.

It is seen the most with the phrase “When you’re hitting it from behind and she turns around and moans ‘X’”, although it is not exclusive to that.

Nut Button clean


What's the origin of Nut Button?

The original photo of the button appeared on Tumblr in 2015, with the text “like” written on it.

Spread & Usage

How did Nut Button spread?

The first true “nut button” meme was posted on Tumblr on January 26th, 2016, with the caption “when u see da anime bae and she thicc”.

The edit amassed a large amount of appreciation and soon after, the meme was seen on various other sites, such as Twitter, Reddit and Instagram.

Following 2016, the button was modified to have other words written on it, so that the meme may be used in other contexts.

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