Nyango Star


What does Nyango Star mean?

Nyango Star refers to a Japanese apple-cat hybrid mascot, that possesses a large online audience, due to its legendary looks and heavy metal drum skills.

Videos of “Nyango Star” got viral online, due to the bizarre, out of place looks.

Remember Nyango Star? Well, he is back!


What's the origin of Nyango Star?

According to the “Nyango Star” website, the character is the reincarnated form of a cat, that got buried in an apple orchard, thus manifesting as an apple-cat hybrid.

It was then told by a spirit that it must go to Hollywood, so it decided to start playing drums.

The first “Nyango Star” video, a cover of The Ventures, was uploaded to YouTube on July 8th, 2015.

Spread & Usage

How did Nyango Star spread?

The channel saw various new “Nyango Star” covers in the following years, including covers of Slipknot as well as a cover of Skyrim’s Dragonborn.

In the later years of the 2010’s, the “Nyango Star” appeared along various actors and on numerous different venues.

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