Obama’s Last Name


What does Obama’s Last Name mean?

The meme Obama’s Last Name is a misconception or more like a misunderstanding.

The whole thing is based on the former United States president, Barack Obama’s first name. Some still think to this day that his first name is Obama and not Barack.

The speculation about Obama’s name started in the middle of 2019 and the internet went crazy about it, as usual, and all the meme communities had the chance to gain more popularity from it.

Obamas last name


What's the origin of Obama’s Last Name?

The origin of the meme started with BuzzFeed publishing a series of tweets by people asking about the former president’s last name, on the 4th of September 2012.

Many referred to him as Obama in those tweets, supposedly thinking it’s his first name.

Spread & Usage

How did Obama’s Last Name spread?

Over the next few years, “Obama’s Last Name” gained more mainstream recognition as well, with other people making fun of those who didn’t know Obama’s name, and those who wrote the tweets.

In November 2013, a guy was even invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show because of one of his Facebook posts about the then US president’s name.

There were various memes made about it, such as Professor X’s Mind Rays, which had the caption: “Me trying to remember Obama’s last name like”.

The post had over 63,700 upvotes in three months on Reddit, and was posted on June 16th, 2019 by the user Kaede_Kurosawe.

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