Oh Baby, A Triple


What does Oh Baby, A Triple mean?

Oh baby, a triple refersto a famous catchphrase, originating from a juvenile Call of Duty: Modern Warfare player.

Online, the phrase is used for parodying annoying young gamers, who are especially prevalent in first person shooters.

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What's the origin of Oh Baby, A Triple?

The first video, to contain the exclamation was uploaded to YouTube by LustruM in February 2010, however it was removed since then.

The video presented viewers with a free-for-all match in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, where a young player is joyfully shouting “Oh baby, a triple” after killing three enemies with one shot.

Spread & Usage

How did Oh Baby, A Triple spread?

YouTube parodies, using the audio would start being uploaded in April 2010 and by June, a Facebook page was launched with the name “Oh Baby a Triple”.

In the following years, the meme would be referenced in many parodies, with footage of FPS games being paired with the exclamation.

It would also see references on Reddit.

In October 2021, an NFT of the video file was listed on Open Sea for auction.

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