Oh No Baby! What is U Doing?


What does Oh No Baby! What is U Doing? mean?

Oh no baby! What is u doing? refers to a popular catchphrase from Nick Joseph, also known as Nick Nack Pattiwhack.

Nick is seen on the reaction image with the captions “Oh no baby! What is u doing?” which went viral on black Twitter in 2017.


What's the origin of Oh No Baby! What is U Doing??

The phrase comes from the videos of the pair Nick Joseph and Dan Rue, where the two men are playing like they are trespassing in a variety of places, while Joseph is gaily narrating the deeds of Rue, saying baby a tremendous amount of times.

The video that made the catchphrase viral was uploaded to Twitter on March 9th, 2017 by Joseph, whose twitter has been since suspended.

In the aforementioned video, Dan Rue is climbing in the fence of Anthony Davis while Joseph is asking “what is you doing?”.

Later a screenshot from the video was paired with the extended captions “Oh no baby! What is u doing?”

Spread & Usage

How did Oh No Baby! What is U Doing? spread?

The video, as well as the reaction image went viral in March, 2017, especially among black Twitter users.

Nick Joseph’s videos gained further popularity, with plenty of and reuploads on YouTube shares on social media.

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