One Punch Man Ok


What does One Punch Man Ok mean?

One Punch Man Ok, sometimes referred to as Saitama’s Ok Face is an illustration of the protagonist from the webcomic One-Punch Man, taken from a single panel.

Saitama is depicted with an emotionless, indifferent face on the panel, paired with a text bubble, signifying that he’s saying the word “ok”.

One Punch Man OK


What's the origin of One Punch Man Ok?

The “One Punch Man Ok” originates from the Alien Conquerors Arc.

In this arc, Saitama is encountering Lord Boros, leader of the aliens, in a fight.

When he delivers his signature punch, instead of dying, the alien states that the armor that was containing his immense strength has broken.

Upon hearing this, One-Punch Man simply remarks “Ok” with a bland face.

Online, the illustration that is most circulated comes from the manga version of One-Punch Man, drawn by Yusuke Murata.

Spread & Usage

How did One Punch Man Ok spread?

“One Punch Man Ok” started circulating as a reaction image on Reddit and Imgur, in November, 2015, later growing to serve as inspiration for artworks.

The format would shortly spread on to sites like 9GAG, Facebook as well as DeviantArt and Tumblr.

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