Only Villains Do That


What does Only Villains Do That mean?

Only villains do that refers to an exploitable meme, made from the fanart, depicting Toshinori Yagi aka. All Might from My Hero Academia.

The format usually compares two opposing actions, with Toshinori’s reactions being “always go for this” and “only villains do that”.


What's the origin of Only Villains Do That?

The first “only villains do that” meme was uploaded to Twitter on August 6th, 2017 by @villhut, depicting All Might comparing the two methods of setting up a toilet paper.

The tweet received a large amount of popularity.

Spread & Usage

How did Only Villains Do That spread?

On August 7th, 2017, the meme template was already uploaded to a FunnyJunk thread by user popcornatedanime.

Within a short span of time, exploitables of the meme were uploaded to numerous sites, such as Twitter, FunnyJunk and Reddit.

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