Party Rockers In The House Tonight


What does Party Rockers In The House Tonight mean?

Party rockers in the house tonight is an anti-meme, which purposefully used the misspelled lyrics of LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem on various deep-fried meme templates.

The meme’s purpose is to take an otherwise unfunny and overused format, and distort it in photo-altering applications until it is funny again in an edgy way.


What's the origin of Party Rockers In The House Tonight?

Party Rock Anthem was released by the American music duo LMFAO in 2011, as part of their second album Sorry for Party Rocking. The song was an insanely huge success, reaching billions of people and landing on top of all major charts the following years.

As a meme, it is believed that Party Rock Anthem was initially used in a Reddit forum called /r/bonehurtingjuice, where people started to paste the incorrect first line of the song’s lyrics into non-related webcomic images.

Spread & Usage

How did Party Rockers In The House Tonight spread?

The meme eventually started to spread from Reddit to other platforms, like 4chan, Instagram and Tumblr. After the song’s success, the party rockers in the house meme began to gain the reputation of its own.

In 2017 there were multiple occasions of people asking the people of Reddit why LMFAO’s song started to become a meme several years after the tune’s release. This signals that the phenomenon became somewhat viral in the edgy meme communities from that time.

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