Pasta La Vista


What does Pasta La Vista mean?

Pasta La Vista is a catchphrase and reaction meme that is usually used in context with jokes which have Italian stereotypes and clichés as their central element.

Online, the meme often appears accompanied by an image macro of an Italian chef loading rounds of pasta into a pistol magazine and then holding the gun to his head.

The chef saying “pasta la vista” originates from the Spanish phrase “hasta la vista” that simply means “goodbye” in English, with the inclusion of a pun that refers to the Italian stereotype of Italian people’s pasta-loving habit.

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What's the origin of Pasta La Vista?

The phrase has been popular because of its pun-factor both on, and outside of the internet. During the 2000s, a number of Italian restaurants were established all over the world under the name Pasta La Vista, for example in countries like Romania, Serbia, and Hungary.

As the meme that we know it today, Pasta La Vista supposedly started out on Reddit, initially as a title for memes about Italy. Eventually the phrase got paired up with the image of the chef, thus creating the image macro.

Spread & Usage

How did Pasta La Vista spread?

The meme was most popular on /r/Memes and /r/Dankmemes in around 2017, but Pasta La Vista also made appearances on 9gag and Twitter on a number of occasions as well.

A blank template for the meme format was added on Imgflip in 2018.

The site created a list in 2019, that compiled 25 of the best Pasta La Vista memes.

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