Peace Was Never an Option


What does Peace Was Never an Option mean?

The widely recognized quote Peace Was Never an Option originates from the fictional persona Magneto of X-Men, otherwise known as Eric Lehnsherr in the cinematic masterpiece: X-Men: First Class.

This phrase has gained popularity online and is often paired with images showcasing animals situated near weaponry or hazardous equipment to create a humorous image macro series.

Peace was Never an Option


What's the origin of Peace Was Never an Option?

In 2011, a trailer was unveiled by 20th Century Fox for X-Men: First Class.

It garnered over fifteen million views on YouTube and left audiences in awe. As the preview drew to a close, viewers were treated to an exchange between Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr that still resonates with fans today. It is here, the quote “Peace Was Never an Option” was first revealed to the public.

Critics praised Michael Fassbender‘s portrayal of Magneto as one of the film’s highlights; David Brothers even went so far as to deem this particular line integral in deciphering Magneto‘s psyche throughout the story arc. Fans have since adopted it into their vernacular when discussing all things mutant-related.

Spread & Usage

How did Peace Was Never an Option spread?

The phrase became synonymous with Magneto, cementing its status as an icon. The first-ever meme featuring the line emerged on MemeCenter in 2013 and showcased a feisty cockatiel perched atop a toy tank, ready to defend the mutants’ survival.

Fast-forward to 2019 when it resurfaced once again – this time with Untitled Goose Game‘s protagonist standing tall on the handle of an axe accompanied by our beloved quote below him. As if that weren’t enough, soon after, real-life poultry was captured mimicking their virtual counterpart in the same setting!

Twitter and Reddit were buzzing with posts about Untitled Goose Game post-chicken sighting; all sporting variations of our favorite catchphrase beside these restless feathered fiends.

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