Peace Was Never an Option


What does Peace Was Never an Option mean?

Peace Was Never an Option is a popular quote from the fictional X-Men character Magneto, also known as Eric Lehnsherr from the motion picture; X-Men: First Class.

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What's the origin of Peace Was Never an Option?

The sentence can already be heard in the trailer of the 2011 film, toward the end.

The trailer had already amassed a massive amount of views, due to its overload of epicness.

Spread & Usage

How did Peace Was Never an Option spread?

The line became closely associated with and iconic of Magneto.

The first ever meme to be created using the sentence was uploaded to MemeCenter in 2013. It features a cockatiel atop a toy tank looking ready to go to battle for the survival of mutants.

In 2019, it had made a reappearance, when an image of the Untitled Goose Game’s protagonist standing on the handle of an axe was uploaded to Twitter, with the titular text written bellow him.

A short time after that, a real life chicken was photographed, in the same setting as the video game goose.

Tweets and Reddit posts of the Untitled Goose Game were surfacing more often after this, with the quote always being written somewhere near the restless, beaked animal.

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