Pepe Silvia


What does Pepe Silvia mean?

You know that one crazy guy with all the conspiracy theories that he believes 100%, and cannot understand why you don’t believe him?

That is the story of the character “Charlie” from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Pepe Silvia.

In the 2005 American TV sitcom, “Charlie” goes on a freaky rant about his conspiracy theory that a person called “Pepe Silvia”, in fact, does not exist.

The exact shot from the series where actor Charlie Day presents the fictive conspiracy theory is brilliantly portrayed as a crazy person, and has therefore made its way into being a popular reaction image and meme.

Pepe Silvia


What's the origin of Pepe Silvia?

The iconic scene takes place in the episode called “Sweet Dee has a Heart Attack”, released in 2008.

Character “Charlie” keeps receiving mail from a “Pepe Silvia”, a person which he completely believes does not actually exist.

He then goes on an insane conspiracy rant, where all the other characters label him as crazy.

Although the scene was a great hit, it didn’t gain particular attention until January 2010, when Youtube user dominiqueDesign made an animated video as a tribute.

Spread & Usage

How did Pepe Silvia spread?

Since the first Youtube video, numerous It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fandom tributes has been shared around the internet, on direct fan bases or general social media sites, such as Reddit.

The most viewed, however, is the meme featuring a screenshot of “Charlie” during his rant, often captioned with some crazy quote or conspiracy.

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