Perhaps Cow


What does Perhaps Cow mean?

The phrase Perhaps Cow has gained notoriety as a meme, showcasing the bovine character Otis from the animated film “Barnyard.” The image is accompanied by the captions “Perhaps,” which adds an element of uncertainty and hesitation to any response.

This particular meme rose in popularity during 2017 when individuals began employing it as a reaction image, reluctantly agreeing with something while still expressing doubt or indecision.

perhaps cow


What's the origin of Perhaps Cow?

In 2006, the German-American production “Barnyard” made its grand debut in the United States.

One particular scene showcases Otis the cow engaging in some playful antics with a mailman – pulling funny faces and busting out dance moves behind his unsuspecting back. However, when caught red-handed by his target, Otis quickly adopts an expression of feigned innocence.

Fast-forward a few years later and this very same character has become synonymous with one of our favorite reaction images – the “Perhaps Cow.”

Spread & Usage

How did Perhaps Cow spread?

In 2017, an image of Otis was shared on Facebook and transformed into a clever four-panel meme tackling the topics of respect and sexism. The final frame captured the essence of this witty creation, which would later go viral across Reddit, as the “Perhaps Cow” meme.

As expected with any successful internet sensation, it spawned countless spin-offs that were posted to different subreddits including r/dankmemes and r/MemeEconomy.

This timeless meme continues to thrive today as people eagerly await new ideas for its next iteration – whether it be uploaded onto social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram or even back on Reddit itself!

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