What does Periodt mean?

Periodt (or Period’t) is a term that is the purposely misspelled version of the phrase “period”. With the addition of an excess “t”, it is used to caricature both certain female behaviors and/or a specific type of female Afro-American dialect.

The term online is most associated with Twitter’s black community.

In image forms, the meme mostly features altered photos of recognizable pop-culture characters wearing thick layers of makeup and rocking long, plastic nails.



What's the origin of Periodt?

It is believed that the term originally evolved offline.

However, as a meme, one of the first appearances of periodt was in a Twitter post from 2009, when user @PBCliberal tweeted “Churches should pay property tax periodt”, accidentally misspelling the word “period”.

Spread & Usage

How did Periodt spread?

The term started to spread mostly on Twitter the following decade, gaining lots of recognition.

In 2018 an Urban Dictionary article was submitted to the site that described the meaning behind periodt.

Later, this phenomenon was discussed on /r/OutOfTheLoop, where many people contemplated the reason behind the odd spelling of this term.

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