Pink Wojak


What does Pink Wojak mean?

Pink Wojak, also referred to as /biz/ Wojak is a pink variation of the original Feels Guy, also known as Wojak.

“Pink Wojak” is depicted with bleeding eyes, and with a face that is indicating to some sort of manic agony, the character is experiencing.

It is used to depict people invested in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, that are believed by many to be facing a massive crash in the future, that would drive people to the verge of madness, hysteria as well as suicide.

There is a large amount of variations for “Pink Wojak” ranging from various distorted versions of the original image, to depictions of the character in suicidal settings from holding a gun to his head to hanging himself to doing both at the same time, just to make sure.

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What's the origin of Pink Wojak?

The first case of “Pink Wojak” online appeared in the /biz/ thread of 4chan, related to the crash of the cryptocurrency Ethereum in 2017.

In the post, the pink Feels Guy is screaming so hard, that he’s bending the pixel-content continuum of the image, he’s contained in.

Spread & Usage

How did Pink Wojak spread?

Following this, “Pink Wojak” became an iconic figure of the /biz/ thread on 4chan and a large amount of variations of the drawing had been uploaded to the image board over the years.

A lot of “Pink Wojak” images are featured in the 2018 video of YouTube user Bizonacci, titled The Pink Fields.

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