Pizza Time


What does Pizza Time mean?

Pizza time refers to a memorable quote from the 2004 sequel to Spider-Man: Spider-Man 2.

Online, the scene has been used as the source for reaction image macros, as well as shitposts and remixes.

The “Pizza time” meme was also later referenced in the Pizza Time Stops reaction image meme.


What's the origin of Pizza Time?

Spider-Man 2 premiered in the United States on June 30th, 2004.

In the beginning sequence of the film, Peter Parker – or Spider-Man (portrayed by Tobey Maguire) is seen performing his duties as a pizza delivery man.

It is here, he says “Pizza time” while giving his delivery to a customer.

Spread & Usage

How did Pizza Time spread?

“Pizza time” started to be exploited as a meme in the beginning of the 2010’s, especially by YouTube communities, to serve as the basis for YouTubePoop and shitpost videos.

The meme was also featured in various image macro memes on Reddit and 9GAG.

The popularity of “Pizza time” rose steadily throughout the 2010’s, with more and more memes, remixes and shitposts surfacing on the web every year.

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