Poop Sock


What does Poop Sock mean?

Poop sock is exactly what is sounds like; a sock with the purpose of excreting in, in case you can’t leave your computer during a raid in World of Warcraft.

It was a true phenomenon back in the day, although nowadays, it is mostly used as a copypasta meme online, especially in the context “Mom found my poop sock”.


What's the origin of Poop Sock?

The concept of a “poop sock” had existed way before the days of the internet, however with computer geeks barricading themselves inside their rooms, it became more and more prevalent, as they wouldn’t even return to reality for the sake of going to the bathroom.

The term first appeared online in an Urban Dictionary entry in 2003 and had exploded within MMORPG communities, who were known to their commitment to living in a virtual world.

Spread & Usage

How did Poop Sock spread?

“Poop socking” was even commented on by Blizzard, the developers of the online roleplaying game, World of Warcraft, after a Swedish player passed out after an extensive amount of playing.

The television series, South Park also featured a similar situation in relation to World of Warcraft, as Cartman made his mom get his shit during a gaming session.

The phenomenon turned into a meme, during the 2010’s, appearing on 4chan, as well as IGN and Bodybuilder forums.

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