Poot Lovato


What does Poot Lovato mean?

Poot Lovato is a story, meme and character derived from an unflattering picture of Demi Lovato that went viral in 2015. The photo was quickly turned into a photoshop edit and other memes. It also gave rise to the myth of “Poot Lovato”, a hidden sibling of Demi Lovato with a compelling backstory.

Since its emergence, “Poot Lovato” has been used widely on social media as both a joke and a way to refer to the original photo of Demi Lovato. Despite its use for comedic purposes, many people have taken offense at the phrase due to its derogatory connotations.

Ultimately, “Poot Lovato” is an example of how quickly an image can spread online and be transformed into something else entirely. It serves as a reminder of how important it is to think before you post – as one photo can have unexpected consequences!

Poot Lovato


What's the origin of Poot Lovato?

“Poot Lovato” is a meme that began as an edited picture of singer/actress Demi Lovato.

The original photograph of Demi Lovato was taken on the red carpet before her performance at the 2014 Royal Variety Performance at the Palladium Theater on November 13th, 2014. It was an ordinary snapshot until someone, whose identity remains unknown to this day, got their hands on it and edited it with Photoshop, possibly using the liquify and skew tools.

What started out as an ordinary photo quickly went viral after its transformation into “Poot Lovato”. This bizarre yet hilarious image spread like wildfire across social media and has been a source of entertainment ever since. In no time at all, “Poot Lovato” had become an internet sensation!

Spread & Usage

How did Poot Lovato spread?

The “Poot Lovato” meme started to become a larger attraction on October 11th, 2015, when Tumblr user Cstcrpt posted the Photoshop edit of Lovato, paired with captions, describing the woman on the picture to be “Poot Lovato”, setting the foundations for her backstory.

Within days, Photoshop edits and reposts swarmed Tumblr, while on October 12th, 2015, the Twitter user @OfficialPoot was created, with posts written in the character of Demi Lovato‘s secret sibling. In a few weeks, fanfiction stories, as well as a Wikipedia page were created, all drawing inspiration from the “Poot Lovato” meme.

The singer herself also commented on the phenomenon, expressing her annoyance at the fact that a badly angled photo can create such a large internet sensation. Critiques of the meme also emerged, deeming the “Poot Lovato” meme problematic in terms of feminism and tolerance towards disabled people.

Overall, the “Poot Lovato” meme is a story of inspiration and adaptation, giving us evidence of how the human imagination is able to create such a complex and compelling story to such an insignificant object like a badly angled photo.

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