Poot Lovato


What does Poot Lovato mean?

Poot Lovato refers to a made-up character, developed from an uncomplimentary photo of Demi Lovato.

Since its original upload, the photo has been the subject of a plethora of photoshop edits and memes, as well as spawning the myth of Poot Lovato, a hidden sibling of Demi Lovato.

Poot Lovato


What's the origin of Poot Lovato?

The edited image was uploaded to Tumblr in October, 2015, although it is not known who took the photo and who photoshopped it.

Tumblr users were quick to respond, as posts, fanarts as well as photoshop edits started surfacing on the site within days.

Spread & Usage

How did Poot Lovato spread?

On October 12th, 2015 the Twitter account @OfficialPoot was launched, publishing tweets in the name of “Poot Lovato”.

The character served as the inspiration for many, spawning works such as the fanfiction “The Secret History of Poot Lovato”.

Within the same month, Demi Lovato responded to the phenomenon on Twitter, however these tweets were all removed since then and later she herself posted a GIF of “Poot Lovato”.

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