What does Pootis mean?

Pootis is a catchphrase that a lot of shooter fans might be familiar with.

The phrase is an interpretation of one of the emotes of the Heavy Weapons Guy character from the popular online first-person shooter game Team Fortress 2.

The original emote, when activated, is the following: “Put dispenser here”.

Once this emote gets rapidly spammed by the player, the audio re-triggers and gives an impression of the character repeating the word pootis.

Thanks to the wide variety and broad spread of the memes regarding this phenomenon, Pootis became the unofficial alias for the Heavy Weapons Guy among fans.

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What's the origin of Pootis?

The original meme was a YouTube parody, created by the channel doctoreheredoctor, which was uploaded to the site in 2010.

The video was titled GOTTAMPOOTIS, and has generated over 77.000 views over the years.

The 40-second edgy video features some of the Team Fortress 2 characters, starting with Heavy Guy repeating pootis to Mechanic, and then Spy’s gazing face converting into a dark theme of Medic’s grim facial expression, with the addition of bass boosted audio and deep-fried aesthetics.

Spread & Usage

How did Pootis spread?

Memes featuring pootis primarily spread on YouTube in the 2010s. The earliest video, following GOTTAMPOOTIS, was a parody video of an official Team Fortress 2 clip “Meet the Heavy”.

The parody’s title was Meet the Pootis, and was uploaded by MrLayton in 2010.

Although this video didn’t get much recognition, many similar videos from different creators followed soon, many of them getting their own animations by the usage of Garry’s Mod.

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