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What does Pro Gamer Move mean?

A Pro Gamer Move is a strategic and tactical move in-game that shows that the player knows exactly what he is doing.

There is no NOOB that could have come up with such intricate move. The NOOB might not even know such a move existed.

You can’t accidentally do a “pro gamer move”. It takes hours and hours of training to learn this move, and even more hours to perfect it.

A “pro gamer” is a gamer who spends the majority of his life playing. Many of them make their sole financial income from gaming.

To be a pro gamer, you need to do “pro gamer moves”, and to be able to do “pro gamer moves” you have to be a pro gamer. It’s the circle of gaming life.

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What's the origin of Pro Gamer Move?

“Pro gamer” has been defined online since the beginning of the millenium, but “pro gamer move” only made a rush in fame recently, in 2019. (As of 16.07.2020)

Youtube user Michael Stevens shared a video where he was playing the educational video game Super Mario Quadratics. While playing, Michael says “I’m gonna do what’s called a pro gamer move”.

The phrase gained fame rapidly because of its humorous context. While “pro gamer” is generally used to refer to players of more serious, multiplayer games, Michael Stevens referred to himself as a pro gamer of an educational Super Mario game.

Spread & Usage

How did Pro Gamer Move spread?

A screenshot of Michael Stevens in the exact moment he says his famous statement quickly became meme material, and was captioned with various, fitting contexts.

The meme spread rapidly in gamer and meme sharing subreddits, often gaining thousands of upvotes.

Its fame, however, was rather short, and its usage fell as suddenly as it appeared. The meme has not been much used since February 2020.

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