Pro Gamer Move


What does Pro Gamer Move mean?

A strategic and tactical maneuver executed within a game that showcases the player’s expertise is what we call a Pro Gamer Move. This move requires extensive training, hours of practice, and an innate understanding of the gaming world – something only seasoned players possess.

It goes without saying that NOOBS need not apply for this level of gameplay; they wouldn’t even know where to begin! A “Pro Gamer” has dedicated their life to perfecting these moves, often earning substantial financial rewards in return.

Becoming a pro gamer isn’t easy – it takes time and dedication. But once you’ve mastered those elusive “Pro Gamer Moves,” there’s no going back. It truly is the circle of gaming life: being able to execute these maneuvers makes one worthy enough to be called a pro gamer!

Or is it? 


What's the origin of Pro Gamer Move?

The phrase “Pro Gamer” has been circulating the internet since the turn of the millennium, but it wasn’t until 2019 that its lesser-known cousin, “Pro Gamer Move,” skyrocketed to popularity.

Enter Michael Stevens from Vsauce – a YouTube user who shared a video showcasing his skills in Super Mario Quadratics; an educational game no less! As he navigated through levels with ease and finesse, our hero declared: “I’m gonna do what’s called a pro gamer move.”

This seemingly innocent phrase quickly went viral due to its comical nature. While typically reserved for players engaged in serious multiplayer games, Mr. Stevens proudly dubbed himself as a pro gamer extraordinaire…of an educational Super Mario game nonetheless!

Spread & Usage

How did Pro Gamer Move spread?

Michael Stevens‘ iconic phrase captured in a screenshot became the perfect fodder for meme enthusiasts, who added their own clever captions to it. The resulting memes were shared widely across gaming and humor-focused subreddits, garnering thousands of upvotes along the way.

But like many viral sensations before it, this particular meme’s time in the spotlight was fleeting – its popularity fizzled out almost as quickly as it had emerged. Since February 2020, there has been little use or mention of this once-beloved internet phenomenon.

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