What does Redonkulous mean?

Redonkulous is the exaggerated version of the word “ridiculous”.

The slang term is used to refer to those who act irrationally, not caring about rules, sometimes even in a way that can be dangerous to others. If somebody is acting redonkulous, they are out of their minds.

But redonkulous can also be used as a general adjective, and can be attributed to objects too, that appear more ridiculous than ridiculous, to an almost impossible extent.


What's the origin of Redonkulous?

As mentioned above, there is a strong suspicion that the term stemmed straight from the word “ridiculous”.

The invention of the term dates back to the 2003 American TV series The O.C., and was coined by the character Seth Cohen.

Spread & Usage

How did Redonkulous spread?

After appearing initially in The O.C., redonkulous surfaced in other pop-culture products in the following years.

In 2009, it was featured in the movie called I Love You, Man, which helped to popularize the term.

However, it never became mainstream, and is rarely used today.

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