Rev Up Those Fryers


What does Rev Up Those Fryers mean?

Rev up those fryers is a quote taken from a scene of Spongebob Squarepants season 1.

The scene features a fish person walking delightfully into the Krusty Krabs, as he utters ‘rev up those fryers, because I am sure hungry for one..’ but he does not get to finish the sentence, as Mr. Krabs throws him out of the place.

Being a very random scene when taken out of context, rev up those fryers became a popular line used in shitposts and edgy or ironic content.


What's the origin of Rev Up Those Fryers?

The quote originates from the episode called ‘Arrgh!’ , featuring Spongebob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs going on a treasure hunt based on a boardgame’s treasure map.

The scene is shown at one of the early parts of the episode.

Spread & Usage

How did Rev Up Those Fryers spread?

The clip of the scene was uploaded by the channel EvanKunkle on YouTube in 2009, titled “My leg!”. It has generated over 2 million plays over the years.

As a meme, rev up those fryers initially started to spread on 4chan, and later on YouTube in the form of various video remixes.

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