Rip and Tear


What does Rip and Tear mean?

Rip and tear is a popular quote from the 1996 fluke DOOM comic book, published with the title Knee-Deep in the Dead.

The comic was scorned due to its inapt language and awkward dialogue.

Online, the “rip and tear” panel is widely known for the many exploitable image macros that have been created from it.



What's the origin of Rip and Tear?

The comic book was published on August 1st, 1995 under the title DOOM: Knee-Deep in the Dead.

Doomguy, the protagonist of the comic encounters a cyber-demon in one of the comics, remarking that it is huge and quickly deducts that it has to have huge guts.

He then proceeds to exclaim in a berserker rage that he will “rip and tear” the demon’s huge guts out.

Spread & Usage

How did Rip and Tear spread?

People started making fun of the comic and turning it into a meme in 2005, when a DOOM Wiki page was created for Knee-Deep in the Dead.

In September, 2005, a YTMND page was launched, dedicated to the “rip and tear” strip of the comic, featuring an epic reading.

During the 2010’s “Rip and tear” jokes would proceed to appear in posts and other content online, including YouTube videos, Reddit threads as well as image macros.

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