RIP Joe Rogan


What does RIP Joe Rogan mean?

RIP Joe Rogan refers to a popular online celebrity death hoax, revolving around UFC commentator and podcaster, Joe Rogan.

The hashtag #RIPJoeRogan is a popular reoccurring hashtag on Twitter, with many people claiming, spreading or believing the hoax.

The hoax has been around since 2010, reoccurring every once in a while.


What's the origin of RIP Joe Rogan?

While the first “RIP Joe Rogan” hoax is hard to triangulate, rumors about Rogan’s death started circulating in 2010, with an early example being a YouTube video, uploaded by JShore131 on May 27th, 2010.

The video was given the title “R.I.P. Joe Rogan (1967-2012)” hinting at the fake nature of the news.

Spread & Usage

How did RIP Joe Rogan spread?

The hoax started appearing in hashtags on Twitter in 2014, along with satirical obituaries like the one published by The Internet Chronicle on January 5th, 2014, proceeding to write about how Joe Rogan had died in a DMT overdose.

Joe responded to the fake obituary on the same day, with the hashtag #RumorKiller.

Over the years, the trope had appeared all over the internet, from Reddit threads to Instagram posts to tweets.

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