What does RTX On mean?

RTX On, also referred to as RTX On / RTX Off, is a subgenre of the older resolution comparison memes, featuring the ray tracing technology introduced by Nvidia in 2018.

“RTX On” memes usually featured eerily hyper-realistic renderings of video game or cartoon characters, often with subtle alterations that made the scene write intense or haunting. This meme format quickly became popular amongst gamers and tech enthusiasts alike, as people enjoyed the impressive graphics that the ray tracing technology was capable of creating. The memes soon became an indispensable part of the gaming community, with countless humorous and creative takes on the RTX On / Off concept.

RTX Off / RTX On


What's the origin of RTX On?

At the 2018 Gamescom conference, NVIDIA unveiled the newest iteration of their graphics technology, utilizing their RTX capabilities to provide an improved gaming experience.

To demonstrate its features, NVIDIA showcased various demos of upcoming releases that embodied the technology’s potential. To further demonstrate the capacities of the technology, NVIDIA’s YouTube channel, NVIDIA GeForce, has uploaded several videos of games being played with RTX-enhanced graphics that truly highlight the processor’s ability to make graphics more immersive and lifelike.

Soon enough the “RTX On” memes also started emerging on the internet, as the parodies of these graphics comparisons.

Spread & Usage

How did RTX On spread?

Memes about the technology “RTX On” first started to appear on Reddit shortly after the introduction of the technology, which was unveiled by NVIDIA in August, 2018. The meme format quickly became the most common meme format on the r/pcmasterrace and r/nvidia subreddits.

People created various memes to mock the capabilities of “RTX On” and praise its power when it came to graphics. NVIDIA had claimed that the new technology could significantly improve graphics. The meme community quickly began making fun of this claim and poked fun at the technology.

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