Ruh Roh Raggy


What does Ruh Roh Raggy mean?

Ruh roh Raggy is one of the many catchphrases of the fictional dog-character Scooby Doo.

As a meme, ruh roh Raggy is often used as a reaction image to express shock or astonishment, or general fear, but there are also ironic versions for this meme which aim to satirize the original.


What's the origin of Ruh Roh Raggy?

Scooby Doo is an animated talking Great Dane, who is the main character of various Henna Barbera series, dating back to the earliest versions of 1969.

Originally, Scooby uses his expression in the series to indicate a signal to his companion Shaggy that monsters are nearby.

Spread & Usage

How did Ruh Roh Raggy spread?

The reaction image format of the meme initially spread on Memegenerator, and is often featured in various comment sections on the internet.

Ironic versions of the meme started to flourish on Redditย from 2017. Following that, ruh roh Raggy became very popular in r/memes.

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