Same Energy


What does Same Energy mean?

Same energy is a meme format that usually features two images that share many aesthetics or convey a similar vibe.

The phenomenon has become a popular slang during the late 2010s within the young people of Generation Z.


What's the origin of Same Energy?

Currently, the exact origin of the meme has not been unfolded, but the trend started to emerge in the year 2018 parallel to the similar term big d*ck energy.

It is believed that the earliest versions of same energy memes initially appeared on Twitter and Imgur.

Spread & Usage

How did Same Energy spread?

In July 2018, Twitter user sarahmcgbeauty tweeted an image which compared a young girl and a dog who have very similar facial expressions, and captioned the image with the following: “These two photos have the exact same energy”.

The following years, two subcultures, namely K-pop and Anime fans, began to feature more and more of this format both on Twitter and on Reddit.

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