Sapnu Puas


What does Sapnu Puas mean?

Sapnu puas is a popular joke on the internet, being a phrase that, when read upside down spells send nudes”.

It’s a derivation from the original meme trend send nudes which was and is a popular joke, as well as a serious request online.


What's the origin of Sapnu Puas?

Sending nudes has been a popular concept on the internet since the 1990’s, spreading farther in the 2000’s, through message boards and forums, infiltrating a lot of communities.

“Sapnu puas” first emerged in 2016, although it is unclear where exactly it was first posted.

Spread & Usage

How did Sapnu Puas spread?

“Sapnu puas” became a frequently reoccurring concept on memes and image macros, as well as chats, with posts appearing on Twitter, Reddit and other social media sites since 2016.

It was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2017.

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