Say Sike Right Now


What does Say Sike Right Now mean?

Say sike right now is an expression used online to indicate disbelief or shock at the news being shared. It’s often used in response to something shocking, funny, or unbelievable. The phrase has been picked up by many users on social media and become a popular meme template. It can be found in GIFs, memes, and other forms of communication across the internet.

The phrase originated from a screenshot taken from Super Mario Maker 2, featuring a blue piranha creeper plant with the sentence “Say Sike Right Now” written underneath it. The image quickly spread online and has since become a popular reaction image used to express shock or disbelief at whatever news was just shared.

So, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to express shock or disbelief, you know what to say – “Say Sike Right Now!”


What's the origin of Say Sike Right Now?

The phrase “Say Sike Right Now” first entered the popular lexicon via a meme that began circulating on social media in early 2019. The meme typically features a screenshot of a video game character or other pop culture figure with the words “Say Sike Right Now” superimposed over top.

While the precise origins of the meme are unclear, it seems to have originated on Discord, a chat platform popular with gamers. The earliest known instance of the meme was posted to Twitter on April 29th, 2019. However, it wasn’t until July 18th, 2019 that the phrase really began to take off after @Joel_Masada posted a screenshot of his Discord post featuring the image macro to Twitter, taking credit for the creating of the meme.

Since then, the phrase has been used in a variety of different contexts, often as a way to express disbelief or shock.

Spread & Usage

How did Say Sike Right Now spread?

Following the Twitter posts containing “Say Sike Right Now”, the meme became a viral sensation online in the summer of 2019. The template swarmed the web with reaction images and GIFs, especially on sites like Reddit, Twitter, 9GAG, as well as Facebook and Instagram, endorsed by meme groups.

Despite its quick glow-up, “Say Sike Right Now” quickly became disfavored again, with a rapidly declining popularity reaching a low point by the end of 2020.

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