Screaming Internally


What does Screaming Internally mean?

Screaming internally is one of the most popular one of the descriptive noise image macros, which are created by taking screenshots from a film, in which the subtitles are describing every sound you can hear, inside closed captions.

These screenshots are taken purely for their comical load they hold when they are out of context.

Screaming internally…..


What's the origin of Screaming Internally?

The “screaming internally” waves started out with a scene out of the television series Scrubs, in which the character J.D, when asked if he’s excited for working on call that night, is shown sitting with a straight face, but “screaming loud internally”.

The scene had been turned into a GIF sometime in 2011, and people had been using it to express their stress online about situations they are deep down uncomfortable about.

Spread & Usage

How did Screaming Internally spread?

The reaction had gotten a large amount of appreciation, appearing in several memes on entertainment platforms, including Facebook, 9GAG and YouTube.

The phrase had gotten associated to the manga series Space Brothers, further increasing the popularity of the meme.

“Screaming internally” got its first Urban Dictionary entry in 2016.

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